Environmental and Geotechnical Services

Environmental Burning
Environmental Tank PullEnvironmental Services

Primarily related to petroleum storage tank sites, the following is a list of sample projects.

  • Turnkey Environmental Projects including underground tank closure and obtaining a “no further action” status.
  • Assist clients in complying with agencies such as the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and US Environmental Protection Agency
  • We perform:
    • Environmental Site Characterizations
    • Risk Assessments
    • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
    • Constructing, Operating and Maintaining Various Remediation Systems
    • Soil Disposal Solutions (through our soil remediation facility, or land farm)

Geotechnical Exploration

Geotechnical services include:

  • A Variety of Drilling Methods Including: Auger, Rotary and Core Drilling
  • Routine Geotechnical Explorations
  • Advanced Drilling for Liquefaction Analyses
  • Instrument Installation for Inclinometers
  • Shear Wave Velocity Analyses

We are able to acquire, and analyze the geotechnical results and provide recommendations to move the process forward.

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