Puxico Wastewater Collection and Treatment Project

  • Civil Engineering
  • Puxico, Missouri

Smith&Co. provided upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant with the addition of LEMNA baffles & lagoon covers, and UV disinfection. This 1.1M dollar project in Stoddard County also added 6 inch PVC forcemain and video inspection and slip lining of selected sewer lines. Funding was accomplished thru USDA CDBG grant sourcing.
The City video inspected all of the main sewer lines within the City that were accessible and from this inspection the determination was made on which lines and manholes that needed to be repaired. As a result of the video inspection, the Contractor installed approximately 16,500 feet of CIPP lining and the 7 manholes were lined. This equates to approximately 50% of the City’s sewer lines being lined. An additional 15,800 linear feet was video inspected and cleaned prior to the lining work.